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  • Sarah Strobhar

    Sarah Strobhar

    Global Applied AI Specialist at AWS. MIT Sloan MBA. Women in STEM advocate. Coffee connoisseur. Comments are my own.

  • Orchid Bertelsen

    Orchid Bertelsen



    A Daily Hub Spotlighting Women in the Public Relations Community

  • Drew Magary

    Drew Magary

    Columnist at GEN. Co-founder, Defector. Author of Point B.

  • Chelsea Falin

    Chelsea Falin

    Author of 30+ books. Digital marketer for 10+ yrs. Runs www.penpossessed.com. /Support: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=36792150

  • Commerce Ventures

    Commerce Ventures

    Early-stage venture capital firm investing in technology innovators in the retail and financial services eco-systems.

  • Nom de Plume

    Nom de Plume

    Uncovering the secrets of powerful writing at nomwrites.com

  • Tanay Jaipuria

    Tanay Jaipuria

    Curious about technology, economics, and business. You can find me on twitter (@tanayj) or substack: https://tanay.substack.com/

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